2017 – an important jubilee year!

5 år sen.

There are many good reasons to call 2017 an important year in Västerås and we will be celebrating by following the footsteps that lead from our past to our future. 

Seven hundred years of events of all sizes have certainly left their mark – not just in Västerås but also in Sweden and around the world.

This is where ICA and H&M were founded, as well as the steam power station. And it is also where Sweden’s parliament gathered and agreed upon the reformation.

Ever since the summer of 1907, the Elba ferryboat has been taking the residents of Västerås to beaches and islands in Lake Mälaren. And it’s in Västerås that Sweden’s first pizzeria opened 70 years ago.

But none of these events have been happy to remain just part of our history. They still affect our everyday lives and will continue to have an impact on our future for hundreds of years to come.

Through tales about the people and places that have created our city, we aim to spread knowledge, inspiration and pride. This is where the future began.

Västerås Jubilee folder 2017
Västerås Jubilee folder 2017 Every age has its surprises and asks the question ”where will this end”. And as only time will tell, the answer lies in the future. Read here